Exciting new incentive program at High Park Condos

Exciting new incentive program at High Park Condos

High Park Condos by Daniels is almost ready to begin occupancy this summer.

A new incentive program has been approved and it is the most aggressive promotion yet. If you have been sitting on the fence waiting for a reason to act, the time is now.

New incentives at High Park Condos


  • 5% DEPOSIT (with ability to use Gradual Deposit [$1,000/month])
  • $20,000 off current grid price on Studio and One Bedroom suites
  • $25,000 off current grid price on One Bedroom + Den & larger suites
  • Free Parking (on suites that are eligible) (Value: $32,000)
  • Free Standard Locker (Value: $3,500)
  • Reduced Assignment Fee: $500 plus legal fees and disbursements
  • Vendor’s Permission to Lease & Advertise Unit During Interim Occupancy
  • Closing Costs REDUCED Cap:
  • Studio to One Bedroom + Den: Reduced to $1,500
  • Two Bedroom & larger: Reduced to $2,500

Now is the best time to act because people are taking advantage of this new program and the few remaining suites are selling every day.

Register by clicking the download floor plans button to learn more.

Introducing an exceptional new purchasing opportunity at High Park Condos.

Introducing an exceptional new purchasing opportunity at High Park Condos.

What are the key factors you are looking for when purchasing an investment condominium?
Based on our feedback from our international and domestic investors we have compiled the following list:

  1. Location
  2. Vacancy rates
  3. Ease of management
  4. Appreciation
  5. Amenities

This post will present you with our prospectus and share why High Park Condos by Daniels represents a remarkable investment opportunity.

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High Park Condos – Neighborhood

High Park Condos – Neighborhood

As lush and beautiful an atmosphere as High Park Condos’ sustainable greenery creates within the 14-storey complex itself, it becomes all the more impressive when seen as a complement to High Park’s thriving ecosystem neighboring Lake Ontario’s Humber Bay.

A third of High Park’s 400-acre backdrop to The Daniels Corporation’s latest stylish metropolitan development High Park Condos. Since its opening to the public in 1876, it has remained the largest municipal parkland located entirely within the city of Toronto. Occupying an area just west of downtown spanning from Bloor Street West up to The Queensway, its boundaries are composed of Ellis Park Road and Grenadier Pond on the west side and Parkside Drive to the east.

The mixed-use parkland provides a wealth of recreational opportunities. In the intervening 137 years since its founding, the two-thirds not preserved as a natural ecosystem has been renovated to include various sporting, cultural and educational facilities. The park holds a wildly popular attraction to residents throughout the Greater Toronto Area for its plentiful tennis, baseball, soccer, lawn bowling, swimming and skating facilities, among other sporting accommodations. The immaculately maintained gardens are popular, serene places for daily relaxation. Meanwhile, the park boasts extensive playgrounds and a complete zoo on par with the venue in New York City’s Central Park.

Early-1900’s Victorian, Edwardian and Turdor-style homes with a signature brick construction fill the neighborhood surrounding the park. Families have access to some of Toronto’s premiere public, private and Catholic schools at the elementary, secondary and collegiate/university levels. High Park residents can access Toronto’s beloved Bloor West Village and Roncesvalles Village shopping districts within convenient walking distances. Junction Gardens to the north is a favorite for its unique local grocery shops. Bloor West Village has made a name for itself among Toronto shoppers largely for its quaint local European eateries and specialty food shops.

For anything a High Park Condos resident could desire that can’t be found within the immediately surrounding neighborhoods, the area also features considerable transit access to destinations throughout the Greater Toronto Area:

  • The Bloor-Danforth subway line’s High Park and Keele subway stations within walking distance to the north of the park
  • The 506 streetcar line terminus at Parkside Drive and Howard Park Avenue
  • The east-side 80 Queensway bus route running south along Parkside Drive from Keele Station
  • 501 streetcar stops south of Colborne Lodge at Colborne Lodge Road and The Queensway
High Park Condos – The Daniels Corporation

High Park Condos – The Daniels Corporation

High Park Condos is being constructed by Daniels, a corporation which threads its developments with creative visions and quality workmanship that have paved the way to the Tarrion Warranty Corporation’s 2012 High-Rise Builder of the Year honor. More than that, the persistent Daniels standard for quality has earned them regard among the most respected developers across Canada.Continue reading

High Park Condos – Under Construction

High Park Condos – Under Construction

The Daniels Corporation’s High Park Condos will bring to life uniquely envisioned concepts in stylish metropolitan-Toronto living space. This one-of-a-kind, 14-storey condominium complex rises above the canopy of sprawling High Park, the city of Toronto’s single largest municipal parkland. In addition to an exclusive vista gazing over the High Park treetops, Daniels envisioned a residential lifestyle that combines active living with sustainable green living.Continue reading

High Park Condos – Construction Commencing

High Park Condos – Construction Commencing

After years of planning, design, negotiation, and community discussions; Daniels’ High Park Condos has broken ground.

Following their signature approach, Daniels began constructing High Park Condos prior to selling any condos. This approach typically surprises purchasers and investors who are used to the conventional development approach used by most builders in Toronto. The majority of new condos open for presales years before the builder breaks ground. Once they reach 75-85% sales, they obtain financing from a lender to begin construction, Daniels takes the opposite approach, they build first and then open for pre sales. The benefit to investors with the build first approach is that you can be confident that High Park Condos will be completed when Daniels says it will be (summer 2015).Continue reading

High Park Condos – Amenities Redefined

High Park Condos – Amenities Redefined

At High Park Condos, the Daniels Corporation is striving to set the bar for amenities in downtown Toronto condos with several unique features for residents to enjoy. A sustainable approach is being applied to the construction of High Park Condos with the use of green (grass covered) roofs where possible; furthermore the 2nd floor will contain gardening plots designed for residents to grow their own herbs and vegetables. The gardening initiative does not stop there, High Park Condos will be providing workshops and seminars in collaboration with organic Ontario farmers. Residents will have the opportunity to learn about how to grow their own food.

Green initiatives aside, High Park Condos boasts impressive amenities spaces fittingly named “The Parkside Club”. The Parkside Club encompasses 2 floor of space and includes :Highpark Parkside Club

  • Indoor/Outdoor Yoga/Pilates
  • Cardio Studio
  • Billiards Room
  • Party Room
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Sun Deck
  • Alfresco Dining/BBQ
  • Picnic Area
  • 2 Storey Rock Climbing Wall
  • Weight Studio
  • Theatre Room
  • Changing Room

At High Park Condos the experience continues on the 10th floor, with an expansive outdoor terrace space taking up the west wing of the condo. This extension of The Parkside Club features:Highpark Parkside Club

  • Catering Kitchen
  • Social Room
  • Indoor Fireside Lounge
  • Outdoor Fireside Lounge
  • BBQ Area
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Sun Deck



All these unique amenities are fully enjoyed with an unobstructed view of High Park to the south, which makes High Park Condos a new and exciting way to experience urban city life.

Another first at High Park Condos is the bike share program offered exclusively to residents. Don’t have your own bike? No problem, hop on the dedicated High Park Condos bikes which are tuned up and ready for the park, all included in your maintenance fees.

High Park Condos by Daniels – Launched for Insider Sales

High Park Condos by Daniels – Launched for Insider Sales


High Park Condos RenderingWith the pricing and floor plans now available, Daniels has released one of the most highly anticipated and desirable condo projects in the city of Toronto. It has become apparent with the amount of press and coverage this development has been receiving that High Park Condos will become one of the marquee residential addresses in Toronto for years to come.

Located at 1844 Bloor St. West in Toronto, High Park Condos will feature over 407 suites on 14 stories.

There are a few reasons why High Park Condos is in such high demand, including the opportunity for residents and investors to benefit from:

  • Live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Walk to the subway.
  • Easy access to shopping and food options.


You might be asking yourself; how would living in High Park Condos lead to living a healthier lifestyle? Let’s take a deeper look at the reasons why.

High Park Condos Site Plan

  1. Your condo will be located directly across from Toronto’s largest city park (High Park). Having a beautiful park across the street is definitely a motivator to put on your jogging shoes and go for a run, or call up your friend in the suite down the hall to go for a hike.
  2. Having access to a state of the art gym, a rock climbing wall, out door terraces, and a sauna room will give you no excuse to not put on your nicest tracksuit and get your blood flowing.
  3. High Park has it’s own dedicated bike share program. Similar to the Bixi bikes, High Park residents will have convenient access to shared bikes so you can just pick up and go for a ride with a friend or partner.


High Park Condos Bike Share

There you have it, those are some of the reasons why living at High Park Condos will help you live a healthier lifestyle. But we also mentioned earlier that you could walk to the subway. Obviously, most people can’t spend all day exercising, strolling in the park, and riding bicycles. So what about when you need to go to your office downtown or in the evening when you want to catch a show at TIFF?

That’s easy. Walk a few steps down Bloor St and you will be at either the High Park or Keele subway stops. You could be downtown in less than half an hour without breaking a sweat.


High Park Condos Map

This leads us to the other benefit of living at High Park Condos, easy access to shopping and food options. Nearby, you will have access to the shops, restaurants, and cafes at Bloor West Village or if you want to do some serious shopping you can jump on the subway to visit Yorkville or the Eaton’s Center.

If you are seriously considering making a move or investing in a new condo right now, High Park Condos by Daniels is one of the most attractive opportunities in Toronto. To receive immediate access to floor plans and pricing, register on the right side of this page and a sales representative will contact you to answer any questions you may have.